Farm Items

Recently we have introduced the Farm Items for our customers. Some customers need specific farm products to fulfill there specific needs. Hence we have come up with the following Farm Items;

  • Aloe Vera Fresh Leaves ex-Farm. Amount Rs.40/kg (May vary according to market price.)
  • Rice 100% Organic WADA Kolam
  • Lemon Grass Oil, 100% organic and pure(non diluted). Amount Rs.2,500/liter
  • Lemon Grass Stems(export quality according to clients specification)ex-Farm
  • Alphonso Mangoes(Ratnagiri quality)- Seasonal
  • Whole Tur - Seasonal
  • Grams(Chana)- Seasonal
  • Turmeric Fresh - Seasonal - ex-Farm
  • Fresh Milk without dilution ex-Farm
  • If you need any of the following items in bulk quantity please contact us.

Farm Items

Aloe Vera Leaves

Wada Kolam Rice

Lemon Grass Oil

Lemon Grass Stem

Alphonsa Mango

Whole Tur


Fresh Turmeric

Fresh Milk